I love a good story. Always have. I remember grammar and high school evenings when I used to grab the cordless phone and hole up in my room to listen to my friend Lindsay share her tales of what happened when she saw the boy she was crushing on that day. She was a good storyteller. She knew just how much detail to give for me to visualize the scenario and “see” it all go down in my mind.

As a child, I got lost in books. Even though I now create image driven stories as a filmmaker, I was more of a reader as a child. I don’t have memories of making movies in the backyard with a camcorder. I was hooked on the written word. I spent years climbing onto the top bunk of my bed and traveling to new places with interesting people as I explored new worlds.

Today I work in TV & film. It is not lost on me how much money, time and energy it takes to deliver the content we consume on our screens. I see it first hand. I’ve often thought that what I do for a living is so so friggin’ strange. I remember one November night standing on set, which on this eve was one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Santo Domingo. Our crew was escorted by armed security to film grown people pretending to be drug dealers and cops. As I stood in the street I remember it hitting me that what I viewed as a normal day of work was actually pretty crazy. Who dedicates their life to playing pretend? Why is our appetite for story so voracious that it fuels a billion dollar industry?

Stories have been essential since the beginning of time. We trade stories all day long through the news, social media, convos with friends, chats with our lovers about our day.

Through story…

We examine

We process

We inform

We question

We learn

We pass down history

We answer

We solve

We escape

There is healing in storytelling.  

People want to be seen. We want to be heard. We want to make sense of this crazy thing called life. Stories allow us to connect with one another. When one person tells their story, it shines a light on pieces of our own. Through TV & film we get to experience an intimacy with strangers that we don’t get in our day to day lives.  

Stories can unlock doors in our mind and make us hope for new realities. Stories can reach around the world and incite people to action. They are a connector. The details and circumstances of the human experience are varied but at the core the experience is the same throughout the ages.

Film & TV excite me because the mediums allow me to dream wide awake. The transference of energy and ideas in a darkened movie theater or television or mobile phone is powerful and should not be taken lightly. TV & Film quite often provide the endings we don’t have the luxury of receiving in everyday life. We receive comfort in closure.

This space, THE WELL, this corner of the online experience, is dedicated to celebrating the creation of story through moving pictures. It’s focused on the art of it. Examining it, dissecting it and giving you food for your creative and spiritual journey. It is a place to refill your creative well. One definition of a well is “a source from which something may be drawn as needed.” Draw what you need from what you see here.